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Joining Us

How to start your Advanced Driving course with us:

STEP 1: If you have already purchased an IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver Course then we will contact you to discuss your course start date. If you would like to talk to someone prior to joining our group or purchasing an Advanced course, then please call us on (07769) 972 714 or e-mail us. STEP 2: You will attend one of our ‘Welcome Meeting’ where you will be given an introduction to our group, enabling you to find out everything you need to know about how we operate. We’ll also introdroduce you to your 1-2-1 observer and include your first ‘Observed Drive’ to get you started (see below). STEP 3: You will now be following our structured Advanced Driver course and will go out with one of our observers in your own vehicle on what we call 'Observed Drives', each drive lasting between 45 - 90 minutes. Your observer will provide you with support and guidance through all the different aspects of the advanced driving module and help you in your progression towards your driving goal. Our observers will set targets and suggest which aspects of your driving may require further work on before your next drive. All of our advice and guidance is given FREE on a 1-2-1 basis during your preparation. STEP 4: During your preparation you may be invited to attend training evenings or sit in on Q&A sessions, all of which are designed specifically to help you progress towards your driving goals or advanced test standard. STEP 5: After six sessions you will receive a comprehensive review of your progress to date. We will then discuss your goals / targets and specifically tailor the remainder of your Advanced Driver course to help you achieve them. STEP 6: If you are preparing for the Advanced test and our observers consider you are ready to take the test, you'll then have a "Pre-Test Drive" to confirm your ready and then, all being well, you'll apply for and take the actual IAM Advanced Test. STEP 7: If you are successful in the Advanced Test, then as well as becoming a member of the IAM you can now also become a Full Member of the Coventry Group and help us in our work to continue promoting improved driving standards.
Coventry Advanced Motorists Tel. 07769 972 714
Joining us