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Coventry Advanced Motorists Tel. 07769 972 714
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About Us

Coventry Advanced Motorists

Formed in 1968, Coventry & District Advanced Motorists Group provides car drivers with one-to-one guidance to improve their driving technique and raise their standard of driving to that required for the IAM’s Advanced Driving Test. Our group’s training programme follows the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver Course, allowing you to improve your driving skills through town, country and motorway environments. During your preparation for the Advanced Driving Test you may meet with one of our local IAM Examiners, allowing you the opportunity to ask questions about any aspects of the test or driving in general. Note that, as befits a registered charity, our Observers and Trustees are all unpaid volunteers who are keen to share their skills and knowledge to help you improve your driving skills and pass the Advanced Test.
About Us